The XDB Ambassador Program

Meet Our Ambassadors Around the World

Meet Our Ambassadors Around the World

Attention XDB Army!

We are proud to announce the launch of the XDB Ambassador Program.  The blockchain industry continues to demonstrate the importance of community, the very success of a protocol depends on it.  In recognition of the pivotal role that the XDB Army plays, the XDB Foundation has decided to launch a program to reward contributions to the DigitalBits ecosystem, and create avenues to get involved!  Participants will receive a number of perks, including a direct line to the XDB Foundation, access to exclusive events, swag and more! 

The XDB Ambassador Program is an ever growing initiative, aimed at stimulating community engagement.  More roles will become available as the program develops, allowing for more people to showcase their skills and abilities.  We will also explore additional ranks to reward extraordinary contributions.  

XDB Ambassasor - Content Creators
XDB Ambassasor - Event Organizer
XDB Ambassasor - Community Leaders
XDB Ambassasor - Moderators
XDB Ambassasor - Translators
XDB Ambassasor - Infrastructure Supporters
Community content is integral to the communication of ideas in the blockchain industry.  It’s one thing for the team to release documentation and research papers, it’s something completely different for millions of people to dive in and dissect this information.  The analysis, opinions, and perspectives generated in third party content are part of the reason our space continues to grow so dynamically.  Content will be assessed based on overall quality, viewership and engagement.
  • Lvl 1 – Officer: $10 per piece (10 piece max)
  • Lvl 2 – Lieutenant: $20 per piece (8 piece max)
  • Lvl 3 – Commander: $50 per piece (6 piece max)

Social Media 
Top Tweets Trending on Twitter?  The XDB Foundation would like to reward content creators for rockstar tweets.  Tweets will be considered through a combination of engagement: likes, comments, retweets, as well as overall quality (determined by team).  To be eligible, all tweets should contain $XDB and #XDBArmy.  Rewards will be issued in XDB equivalent. Rewards:
  • Lvl. 1 – Officer: $25
  • Lvl. 2 – Lieutenant: $50
  • Lvl. 3 – Commander: $100
Most Active XDB Associated Twitter Accounts Are you an avid XDB supporter?  We’d like to reward the soldiers of the #XDBArmy.  Successful participation will entail overall Twitter engagement, based on most tweets, tweet replies, retweets and overall engagement of the aforementioned actions.  To be eligible, all tweets should contain $XDB and #XDBArmy.  Rewards will be issued in XDB equivalent. Rewards:
  • Lvl. 1 – Officer: $25
  • Lvl. 2 – Lieutenant: $50
  • Lvl. 3 – Commander: $100
4Chan and Reddit Threads Threads will be considered based on a combination of activity, consistency and quality.  Eligible threads should draw reference or be related to DigitalBits or the XDB Foundation.  Rewards will be issued in XDB equivalent. Rewards:
  • Lvl. 1 – Officer: $50
  • Lvl. 2 – Lieutenant: $100

Virtually or physically, the crypto industry is about bringing people together.  Whether it be a small meetup, or a full scale conference, we’d like to see people who want to change the world discuss and challenge ideas, propose solutions, and meet other members of the XDB Army.  Event organizers will be rewarded based on the number of events they hold, as well as the number of attendees.

  • Lvl 1 – Officer: $50 per event (max 10 events).  10+ required attendees.
  • Lvl 2 – Lieutenant: $100 per event (max 8 events).  25+ required attendees.
  • Lvl 3 – Commander: $500 per event (max 5 events).  50+ required attendees.

This is for those who wish to host their own groups and drive DigitalBits and blockchain conversation. Whether it be via Telegram, Discord etc., community groups foster unique and engaging discussion, many times expanding outside the purview of official channels. To ensure the integrity of community groups, criterion will cover the number of members, as well as overall level of engagement and quality of conversation.

  • Lvl 1 – Officer: 50+ members
  • Lvl 2 – Lieutenant: 250+ members
  • Lvl 3 – Commander: 500+ members
  • Lv 4 – General: COMING SOON! The Community Leader “General” rank will create opportunities to lead geographic locations, i.e XDB Asia, XDB Europe etc.

Community Managers are the lifeblood of our main channels. Keeping the community up to date, answering questions, providing content and stimulating conversation, CM’s are the front line when it comes to the XDB Army. Due to the quintessential role that CM’s play in blockchain, Moderators will be the first role within the XDB Ambassador Program with the Lvl. 4 – General position, the opportunity to ascend from community admin to becoming an official mod in an XDB Channel!

  • Lvl 1 – Officer: basic engagement and knowledge of the project, active in the main channel.
  • Lvl 2 – Lieutenant: stimulates discussion, extensive knowledge of the project, helps to maintain the community.
  • Lvl 3 – Commander: drives discussion, shares relevant content, up to date with blockchain and XDB Foundation initiatives, and is seen as a leader in the community.
  • Lvl 4 – General: ascension to official XDB Moderator.
Blockchain is a global community – and with diverse backgrounds comes different means of communication. Translators will be key to ensuring that no matter what language you speak, you will be able to consume XDB content! In order to ensure content integrity, the XDB Foundation will provide a list and pertinent links to XDB Ambassador Program sanctioned content. Unlike other roles within the program, compensation will be based strictly on the content translated. Translations will ultimately be vetted by the team before being officially endorsed. Repeat translations will not be eligible, as such the XDB Foundation will maintain a list qualified translations to avoid repeat submissions.
  • Blog Posts – $10 per piece (max of 10 submissions)
  • Slide Decks, Videos, Summaries – $20 per piece (max of 8 submissions)
  • Whitepaper, Research Reports, Official Documentation – $50 per piece (max of 6 submissions)


Thus far, the focus of the XDB Ambassador Program has been the social aspect of blockchain and DigitalBits. However, in order to truly spur the adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain, infrastructure supporters are essential. This refers to individuals and groups engaging directly with the technology. Infrastructure Supporters will be compensated for a number of roles within the ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Liquidity Providers.
  • Merchants/Users actively utilizing XDB and other DigitalBits based assets such as branded stablecoins.
  • Individuals and groups launching DeFi initiatives on the DigitalBits blockchain, such as facilitating the borrowing and lending of XDB and other DigitalBits based assets.
  • Projects building on the DigitalBits blockchain.

All rewards are denominated in US dollars and will be distributed in XDB equivalent. XDB Ambassador participants are not members of the XDB Foundation, and are private contractors. To apply to participate in the XDB Ambassador Program, an applicant must: (i) be at least 18 years of age or such higher age of majority prescribed by the applicable laws; (ii) not be a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or a person located or domiciled in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, the United States of America, Cayman Islands, Singapore, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, Syria (“Restricted Countries”); and (iii) not be a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or a person located or domiciled in any geographic area or country in which its participation in this Program may be prohibited or restricted by the applicable laws (including, without limitation, any laws relating to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism).