Introducing XDB Global Hacks

The XDB Foundation will be launching a Discord Channel, XDB Global Hacks, to provide opportunities for individuals and groups that wish to contribute to the DigitalBits ecosystem. This aligns with certain Foundation objectives discussed in a recent AMA with Managing Director Michael Gord — Global Community Development and Developer Evangelism.

Global Community Development — identifying champions within the DigitalBits community! As notable individuals begin to emerge within the community, they will be able to network with one another, and will be provided with avenues to participate and add value to the DigitalBits ecosystem. Ultimately, this will build out into a Global XDB Ambassador Network.

Developer Evangelism — activating the hacker and open-source developer communities, supported via global developer challenges, hackathons and startup competitions. These initiatives will work to educate and reward developer contributions, network entrepreneurs and developers, and ultimately help promising projects to get funding and grow through investor participation.

XDB Global Hacks is open to anyone looking to take their involvement in the DigitalBits ecosystem to the next level. We welcome you to join in the discussion and help us in building the decentralized world! #XDBArmy

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